©Michael Yamashita

Vermont in the Spring

©Michael Yamashita

Vermont in the Summer

©Michael Yamashita

Vermont in the Fall

©Michael Yamashita

Vermont in the Winter

This laneway of maples revealed Vermont’s seasonal changes to me. I saw it first in wintertime and when I came back down that road in the spring, I knew just what I had to do: take a shot of each season. Summer (top right) was hardest; its muted greens couldn’t compare to the richness of spring. So I shot in the rain, an old trick learned working Japanese gardens in the rainy season. The rain saturates nature with rich reflections and deeper colors.

Vermont’s Suite of Seasons: Sugar maples shade a quiet country road on the Gonyaw farm in America’s Green Mountain State.The Gonyaws have made sweet, amber syrup from this 1800-tree orchard for generations.

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  1. Lain says:

    Summer and Fall are my favorite pictures. The rain must have really made the Summer picture come to life, it’s gorgeous. Fall is just beautiful. Winter is enchanting. Spring is exotic. I really like this.

  2. Well, they’re beautiful. I think this aspect of photography is so interesting. It’s like I was able to spend an entire year right here. Thanks! Great job!

  3. andrewgould says:

    Beautiful contrasts in this series. And yes, rainy days don’t mean putting the camera away, for sure…

  4. Hi Mike , I just subscribed to your updates and funnily enough we were browsing around the second hand book stores on the weekend and came across the September 1998 issue that carried these pics , they still have their magic mate.
    Cheers Glenn

  5. Stephen Brake says:

    I love these pictures. They capture the essense of New England and why it is a beautiful place. thanks.

  6. seema says:

    Incredible shots

  7. Jeff Foliage says:

    Thanks for sharing Mike. I always want to get a four season shot like this but rarely get back out to the same spot. Of course the fall shot interests me the most and I love the over all colors and I’m putting it on my fall foliage to do list.

  8. Carol says:

    The perspective in these photos is as important as anything. Instead of grabbing the expected panoramic landscape shot, your central focus on the road helps lead the eye through the picture. Despite the breathtaking beauty of the trees, it’s the road I find most interesting. It’s texture changes in each shot, making it as alive as the trees. You have managed to photograph the vibe of “expectation.” Is someone coming?

    Well done.

  9. Susan love says:

    Greetings from Oregon! Just reading a book set in Vermont and wanted to see some visuals. These really grabbed me and are very arresting. Will look around to see some more of your work! Hope to get to New England begore long. Wonderful photos!

  10. Teresa says:

    Absolutely magnificent!!! All credit goes to the greatest artist in the universe Jehovah God. It sure would be nice to inhale his dramatic creation forever. Thank you for reminding us of his greatness through your photography which is also magnificent art, you must take after the Creator.

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