Landscape Photography at Duke Farms
Dates: Friday, October 3 – Sunday, October 5, 2014
Location: Duke Farms, Hillsborough, New Jersey, US
Mike will be leading a special 3-day workshop crafted to help photographers, both amateur and professional, sharpen their visual sensitivity to their surroundings and to capture the atmosphere, mood, emotion and light in the natural world. To register, visit  Duke Farms.

The People and Places of Myanmar
Dates: Sunday, November 9 – Friday, November 21, 2014
Location:  Myanmar
Mike will be joining adventure travel photographer and outdoorsman, Jock Montgomery, to lead a photographic exploration visiting the people and places of Myanmar. Mingle with a variety of ethnic groups: the colorful Shan, Palong, Akha hill tribes, the unique leg rowing fishermen of Inle Lake, the burgundy-robed Theravada monks and, of course, the everyday citizens wearing simple sandals and lungis (sarongs). All this is highlighted against a spectacular background of natural and devotional beauty, from stunning rural landscapes to ancient temples and ruins. For more information, For more information, view the flip-book brochure / mobile version.


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  1. Stephen S. Miller says:

    Der Mr. Yamashita,
    I attemptd to locate the sugar maple trees used in the NAtional Geographic photo spread in VT. Found Gon Yaw farm but not the trees. Was told to go to Old Stone Road… nice old sugar maples tunnel there..but did not seem to be the same ones.. Can you help me find this location? I purchased the photo from your studio just after publication in National geographic and it still hangs in an Ag. Sci. classroom in Robesonia, PA for high school students to enjoy. I really would like to stand at the locatin and observe for myself. I get to VT regularly now after purchasing property in nearby northern NH.

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